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Mark Rodgers

Mark Rodgers is the Principal and Co-Founder of Clapham Group, a Christian consulting firm. He also served as the third-ranking Republican leadership staffer in the U.S. Senate for six years overseeing strategic planning and strategic communications. He served as a high profile chief of staff to Senator Rick Santorum, working on Capitol Hill for a total of 16 years. He was known on the Hill for his work on such issues as poverty alleviation and global AIDS, as well as protecting life at its most vulnerable stages.

Mark is a published writer and a speaker at large and small gatherings on the topic of faith and public life, culture and caring for the least of these. His work over the years included an outreach to "culture creators," and has worked closely with artists such as Bono, Patty Heaton and The Fray. He still collects pop culture artifacts, as the walls of his office attest.

Mark is a social entrepreneur, and enjoys finding ways to help people "do good while doing well." Currently he serves as a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. In the 1980's, Mark worked at the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, a faith-based organization committed to addressing the social needs of Pittsburgh from a Christian perspective. He also founded the National Institute of Lay Education (NILE), which developed adult education curriculum to encourage reflecting Christian involvement in public life. He earned a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from Penn State, and attended Trinity Episcopal School for ministry. Mark is married to Leanne, and the proud father of four children.


Each member of The Poverty Forum participated as an individual and not as a representative of any association. Their individual support and association with any and all proposals may not reflect the agency for which they work.


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The Poverty Forum is made up of 8 teams who came up with 25 policy proposals addressing domestic poverty. Brief summaries, complete white paper policy proposals, and a press kit can be found on our Resource page.

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