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Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson is President Emeritus of Bethel New Life, where she served for 26 years. Bethel pioneered in creative community based efforts to build healthier, sustainable and equitable communities on Chicago's west side. She serves on the Boards of Sojourners, Christian Community Development Association, Good City and is past Board president of Woodstock Institute. Mary has her PhD from Union Graduate School and six honorary PhDs, and is now doing consulting, writing and teaching in faith based- and or-community development. Mary seeks to be faithful to God's call to work for justice and community. She lives, works and worships on the Westside of Chicago. She is on the faculty of ABCD Institute (Northwestern University), North Park University, CCDA Institute, and SCUPE and does consulting and speaking.


Each member of The Poverty Forum participated as an individual and not as a representative of any association. Their individual support and association with any and all proposals may not reflect the agency for which they work.


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The Poverty Forum is made up of 8 teams who came up with 25 policy proposals addressing domestic poverty. Brief summaries, complete white paper policy proposals, and a press kit can be found on our Resource page.

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